PLN will Coal Import

What with coal (raw materials) generating electricity, steam power in Indonesia, especially in Java? Based on the Kompas 5/11/2008, PLN will Import Coal. 
Is the price of the proposed coal producers in the country is not reasonable because it is actually higher than the price of coal in the international market? In the case of projection needs coal plants for 2009 reached 56 million tons, increased projection for 2008 is 35 million tons. Therefore, I quoted many contents of the daily: 

PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara will invite suppliers of coal from Australia, China, India and other countries. Efforts to import because a number of generating electricity, coal-fueled failed to obtain supplies from domestic producers. 

Procurement of coal that made good by the company, its subsidiaries, including power management and the private sector do not get enough response from the company's domestic coal mines. As a result, prone to interference occurs generator. 

A number of generating electricity, steam power in the main island of Java is currently experiencing a severe shortage of supply.  What Happen????

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