Deploying Near-Zero Technologies for Coal:A Path Forward

This summary of the Western Governors Association workshop “Deploying Near-Zero
Technologies for Coal: A Path Forward,” held in Denver, Colorado on October 23rd, 2007, identifies concepts that western state governments could consider to facilitate the technical and regulatory pathways for deployment of near-zero-emission coal-fired power plants. The workshop was part of a continuing effort by the WGA to implement the recommendations of the Clean and Diversified Energy Advisory Committee convened by the Western Governors’ Association1 to increase new clean energy generation in the West by 30,000 megawatts by 2015. In the 2006 Clean and Diversified Energy report, the governors agreed to:
• Support continuing efforts to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of
all advanced coal technologies examined by the Advanced Coal Task Force; and
• Support incentives for the development of advanced coal technologies that are not yet
commercially viable and operate with superior environmental performance.
Specifically, the Governors stated goal is achieving near-zero emissions from coal-fired
power plants at a competitive cost of electricity. The Governors further pushed for funding of multiple pilot programs, both to determine the costs and operating characteristics of advanced coal plants and to evaluate environmental and public health and safety impacts for geologic sequestration of CO2.
This summary also draws from the expert presentations and roundtable discussions that occurred at the workshop. Presentations included experts from industry, the environmental community, government, the financial services sector, and the sciences. Participants in the workshop were asked to identify the necessary steps to achieve deployment of near-zero emission coal technologies in a carbon constrained, clean and diversified energy portfolio. This summary also includes

More…… : Source and Download to: http://www.westgov.org/wga/publicat/zero-coal08.pdf

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