Booming commodities of coal, has ended

Booming commodities of coal, has ended. Coal prices in Newcastle Index is rolling in the level of 100.83 U.S. dollars per ton. In June ago, the price of coal had to rebound range 160 U.S. dollars per ton. UBS Securities research and emphasize the end of October, honeymoon era of coal have ended. A global recession that menyusutkan world coal demand will be weaker commodity prices extend this one. However, the opportunity to increase the price of coal is still open within 12 months to 18 months. 

With the assumption that: tight liquidity and a decline in income will derceasing investment in the mineral sector expecially mining sector. Production of coal is predicted to take down. 

This means, "Supply and demand the same slowed. However, the level of coal demand will be faster Rebound line berputarnya economic growth that will menyulutkan needs more energy. When that price of coal burners to rise again. UBS predict, the price of coal in 2010 and 2009 later each will survive in the level of 125 U.S. dollars per tonne and 130 U.S. dollars per ton. The government will set the volume of obligations in the domestic supply (domestic market obligation / DMO) coal at 40-45 million tons in 2009. Volume 40-45 million tons of these needs is a proposed coal consumers, including PT PLN (Persero), which has put the needs of 36 million U.S. dollars. Production of coal from big producers in 2009 reached 230-250 million toom. DMO volume will be changed every year depending on the magnitude of needs domestic market. "Need for coal will increase significantly in 2010 after many plants operate 10,000 MW. Rules benchmark price of coal, will exit the same DMO. Benchmark price is a combination of the Indonesian Coal Index (ICI), Barlow Jonker, the Global Coal Index, and Platts. "Benchmark prices will apply each month.

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