UTILIZATION IN coal beware of textile industry

As energy resources, coal has long been used, particularly for production activities in the cement industry and generating electricity. Coal as alternative energy have economic value that is high enough so it can replace the role of fuel oil (fuel) in the production activities for the industry. Potential coal resources, Indonesia is estimated to reach 57.85 billion tons. The amount of 20.53 billion tons categorized as a indicated and 12.47 billion tons, including a category that measured resources (measured). Some 6.98 billion tons of them in the category to include backup (reserve) who are ready to mine (mine able). Approximately 52.15% of coal reserves in Kalimantan, Indonesia spread, 47.35% are scattered in Sumatra and the rest are in Java, Sulawesi and Papua, Hobbes is still included in the category of resources (measured and indicated).

Changes in the use of the energy that has happened so quickly since 2006, where coal to note to start by textile industry as a fuel in the production process. Some companies have started to switch to using coal as fuel and this was quite effective in the cost of production.
It needs to be in the use of coal in industrial textiles are:

Voting machines and equipment, in accordance with the environmentally friendly technology
Training workers to make adjustments in the technology
Preparing the point of distribution, infrastructure ranging from coal to the port with the location of a textile factory
Utilization of dust, may become a brick with optimal

If not the optimal utilization of coal and not carefully handling, can cause serious environmental impact in the future.

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