Have not planning Minerals/mine

Mining activities, especially coal and iron ore, the tune has not been a good run. Lack of planning activities from the mining permit holders of power and mining (KP) into evidence.
It also makes the Office of Mining and Energy tune during this difficult to collect the amount of funds guarantee reclamation. Just know, the miner obliged to pay insurance funds manage the reclamation permit KP exploitation.
Regulation refers to the number 256a in 2004, the amount of funds guarantee reclamation of Rp45 million per hectare to strategic minerals (including coal) and Rp15 million for the extractive industries (group C).
"As we know, the human resources miner (KP permit holders) in our region is now the average is still low. Almost all planning activities have not mining planning. Implication, we often difficult to collect the insurance fund reclamation," said Kasi License Distamben tune Badaruddin, Wednesday (12/11).
Funds that own reclamation area based on the standard-fixed mine openings. If there is mining activity planning, for example, in two years time the mine opened wide as 3 hectares, more bodies, easy to collect insurance fund reclamation.
Since lack of planning mining, Distamben tune eventually take policy miner insurance funds to pay at least reclamation mine openings for at least two hectares.
The determination of the two hectares is not without calculation, but based on the average miner ability to exploit that is 1-2 hectares a year.
"Furthermore, our per six months to evaluate through monitoring of the field to see how far the realization or mine openings available. If, for example mine openings have been to 3 hectares, then we ask miner pay the additional funds to guarantee reclamation ie 1 ha mine openings that have not been paid, "Several bodies.
Mining activities, he continued to decline since two years ago due Control of the mine area. A number of operational miner stop because I have to take more loans permission to use the Minister of Forestry. Until now permits the use loans generally have not been published.
Data are currently 62 registered permit KP still alive, or from about 40 companies permit holders. However, the active (exploitation are) only a small company that is 18.
Source: Banjarmasin post

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