Coal reserves south Kalimantan evaluated

Department of Geological Agency ESDM with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan, conduct joint activities to evaluate the coal resources in Indonesia.
During the period 2007 to 2008 is the evaluation of activities undertaken coal resources in three provinces, namely, South Sumatra, East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.
"The aim of this activity is to evaluate the amount of coal resources in Indonesia, particularly areas that are currently known for its rich coal," said the head of the Department of Geological Agency ESDM, R Sukhyar in Jakarta on Thursday.
He explain, these activities have been conducted since 2007 and planned to continue until 2009 to come.
In this event together, NEDO provide funding and technology assistance to the Geological Agency.
Evaluation conducted in depth up to 200 meters to 600 meters below the surface.
Based on the explanation Sukhyar, from the results of the evaluation can be concluded that this is very possible to mine underground activities (under ground) in the third area.
Sukhyar said the government in the near future will publish the results of this evaluation in more detail again.
"Next, we will conduct an evaluation of coal resources in the province of Central Kalimantan, and possibly in other regions in Sumatra," he said.
Besides conducting cooperation with the Geological Agency, currently Japan is also binding cooperation with the Center for Technology and Mineral (TEKMIRA) for the activities of the Department of ESDM The Gasification and coal, and up-grading project Brown Coal.
Source: Banjarmasin Post

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