Basic Machinery and Equipment value

Machinery and Equipment Appraisers have the property assessment work scope is very broad, ranging from industrial machinery mild to severe, aircraft, boats, heavy equipment, public utilities, chemical processing plants, oil and gas refineries, and many other fields. The principles of assessment course is designed sequential machines ranging from the introduction of the basic theories, applications in the field, and coupled with case examples of simple to advanced, another:

Introduction  principles of engineering judgment
Terminology  assessment engine
The function and purpose of assessment
Three valuation approaches: cost, market, income, advantages and disadvantages, application
Reference preparation market framework and the elements that affect the industry
The nature of the value of machinery & equipment
Factors affecting the value of: regulation, technology, the environment, auctions, trends, etc.
Concept: cost,value, and price
Index; issues, calculations, producer price index vs. idle capacity, your source of information
The concept and definition of value, individual units to line production limits
Vs. replacement cost new. cost of new construction
The method of calculating the selling price of local and imported machinery market value attached
The concept of the age of the machine
Theories and factors affecting depreciation
Economic theory, the identification and measurement methods obsolescence (obsolescence) function and economic obsolescence / external, life cycle concept, the fixed cost vs. variable costs - operating leverage (market characteristics), types and effects automation
Excessive capital costs and operating costs of excess
Theory of life of the engine, age usefulness (useful life) versus GDP, rates depreciation versus purchasing power parities, age / life concept, the actual age Vs. age effective
Calculation of economic life, economic life and residual analysis of residual values
Classification conditions: definitions, basic, and grouping
Definition of units of measurement, calculation and conversion
Mechanical inspections
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