Make sure the ability of coal miners Indonesia

In the economic situation, this post-presidential election, in a routine examination required of all contractors or coal miner in Indonesia. This is to determine the performance of the contractor or the coal miners. Until where financial ability, measured coal reserve position. It is important to ensure continuity of supply of coal, as well as management of companies such as Power Plant (Steam power plant), textile companies or other companies that need raw materials of coal.

In addition to the changes in coal prices had increased to Rp. 420,000.- up to  Rp. 450,000.- per tonne (FOB price of the barge low CV), led the miners to raise their production so, the amount of coal reserves will change. 

In addition, according to the opinion of the writer, should be an assessment of coal reserves (resources valuation  independent) , it must be an independent party. So that all can trust. Report coal reserves are needed, not just at the time of license application only (IUP exploration or exploited) but very much needed by the user so sustainable more secure supply.

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