Gold Production Down By 50% in Indonesia

Most of the mining production for the year 2008 Indonesia experienced a decline caused by a number of factors. Production of copper, gold and silver declined in the year 2008. This is, because of a landslide at PT Freeport Indonesia. Other factors that is not obtaining the permission of land use and loans by PT NNT (Newmont Nusa Tenggara). Throughout the 2008 production of copper declined from 797.40 thousand tons in 2007 to be 580.95 thousand tons. For gold production in 2007 is 117.73 tons 57.94 a ton or more than 50%. Meanwhile, silver 269.38 tons in 2007 to be 209.06 tons this year.

In addition to the three commodities, the production of bauxite and tin also decreased. The decline is caused decrease bauxite production in some power Mining (KP) outside the PT Aneka Tambang (Antam). Lead production while also going down because of declining production due to PT Koba Tin mining-related cases of illegal production and decreasing PT Timah and KP Smelter. Similarly, the bauxite production in this year reached 14,986.52 thousand tons in 2007 down compared to the thousands of tons of 15.406.04. Lead production decreased to 91.28 from 79.21 thousand tons a thousand tons. However, production of nickel ore and iron ore increased in 2008 due to the increase in the number of KP production. For nickel ore increased from 6623.02 thousand tons into 14,986.52 thousand tons. Meanwhile, iron ore rose from 1,894,757.98 tons in 2007 to become 4,609,540.54 tons in 2008.

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