Indonesian Coal Index guidelines so the price

The Government has set English Coal Index (ICI) as a guide price for the Work Plan and Budget (RKAB) 2009, which will affect the revenue projections in the Budget from the coalmine. The ordinance was based government has sent a letter to the government and producers of coal, which recorded by the government on June 23 last. RKAP associated with the revenues from commodities of coal likely to be the starting November. Director General of Mineral, Coal, Department of Earth and Hot ESDM Bambang Setiawan said the government will make ICI as a guide price in RKAB. During this, he said, the government always refers to the price index, which formed overseas, such as Barlow Jonker and the other. "We want to ICI was used as a benchmark price for a single coal Indonesia. With the index, the government has in the monitor reference revenues from this sector," he said yesterday. However, Bambang said the government wanted the final price closer to reality. The government will evaluate and provide input on the method and also the composition of the panel that there is at this time. "From the composition may need some additions, which in part will be that we will discuss. The goal is how the price is set to become better and more real, so credibility is no longer in question." Meanwhile, the minister of regulations related to the coal price guidelines for domestic purposes, he explained that the government will issue regulations two ministers (candy) associated with it. Candy first will contain a formula price of coal and the second is about the amount of the obligation of supply respective domestic producers

Domestic Coal Demand Still Low

Indonesia's coal production increased continuously. World coal market also continues to twist, especially in the increasing price of oil at this time, many who set the coal industry as a replacement for the main oil as cement, textiles, etc.. In fact the current price of coal also continue to rise in line with the price of oil. When oil prices yesterday has touched 110 USD per barrel, the coal price also reached USD 135 per ton this time, as a new record in the price of coal. Estimated price is still fluctuating. This is a big advantage coal era, but the players on the other hand, consumers with a loud scream. One thing that is ironic that in the midst of increasing the production of coal, from year to year for consumption in the country able to absorb only 25-30% of the total production, for example, in 2006 coal production:193 million tons, while that was absorbed by domestic 52 million tons only. This also is a big progress because 10 years ago domestic consumption is still only 15.4 million tons of total production in 1998 the year of 61.3 million tons. This means that within 10 years of our national production rose more than 300% so domestic consumption too. 

Domestic demand for coal in the Future 

In the Blue Print National Energy Development (BPEN) Education and 5 years old, 2005 on the National Energy Policy, the contribution of coal in the energy mixture will continue and increase in the peak year 2025 was 33% more or less equivalent to 370 million tons. Government in the interest of their concern is the growth of domestic demand for coal, the evidence in the projections prepared until the year 2025, starting 2009, the export of coal is assumed to be only about 150 million tons only in the flat until the year 2025, and the rest for domestic purposes. The government is basically their concern against the interests of domestic coal demand growth; the evidence in the projections prepared until the year 2025, starting 2009, and the export of coal is assumed to be only about 150 million tons only in the flat until the year 2025, and the rest for domestic purposes. In this regard, many are asking whether this means that the Government set the policy of export restrictions. On this matter of course, still depends on the supply side and demand (demand), when domestic demand is very small pad year 2009 and onwards, the rest could be for export, so that can only happen in the year, the export is still higher than projected these. This is actually a challenge that we, whether true that after the year 2008, 2009 and then domestic demand will increasingly grow up? Because when this happens on the principle that the Government has a mechanism to meet domestic demand this

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